XPT, a XML general-purpose preprocessing tool

Bram Latupeirissa

Version 0.1.1 (CVS xpt.xml 1.42 2014/04/13)


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Functionality
3. XPT command-line options
4. Startup and environment
4.1. environment
4.2. start-up file
5. Command syntax
6. Built-in commands
6.1. XML bindings
6.2. Variable substitution
6.3. Python bindings
6.4. XPT library
7. XPT development
7.1. Sources and build-system
7.2. Documentation
1. Ideas and things todo
2. Pointers
3. Manpages

1. Introduction

Somewhere in 2010 I had a project where DocBook XML documents needed to be enriched with data coming from various, non-XML sources. The idea was to have scripting insert DocBook elements into a DocBook template. There were two options, first write a program to convert non-XML data into DocBook XML elements and second write a more generic program to insert DocBook XML elements into the original source. XPT (xml-xpt) does this. It replaces XML processing instructions with target xpt in an XML input file.

This way a library can be setup with (user-) predefined functions.

This document is also available in Acrobat pdf format at http://xml-xpt.sourceforge.net/docu/xpt.pdf.